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Rejuran Healer Makes Anti-Aging 50% Cheaper

More than half my patients ask for help with anti-ageing. Some have no specific concerns, and simply want to look younger and fresher. Others have a long list of concerns like dry skin, wrinkles, pigmentation, dark eye circles, dull skin… the list goes on.

Today’s Anti-Ageing Treatments

Anti-ageing treatments are varied and address different concerns. However, because so many different things can make a person look old, patients often have to seek multiple treatment types to see effective anti-ageing results.

Here’s a short list of examples:

  • Saggy/loose skin – Ultraformer HIFU/Thread lifts ($1300 to $4000)
  • Pigmentation – Picosecond lasers / Fotona lasers ($1500 to $3000)
  • Dark Eye Circles – Botox, Fotona Lasers ($300 to $2000)
  • Wrinkles – Botox, Fillers ($300 to $2000)
  • Dry, dull skin – Skinboosters ($1000 to $1800)

While all these treatments are effective, they can collectively cost up to $10,000 if you have multiple concerns. Downtime can also be very long if the treatments are staggered and multi-session. Many patients simply find that too expensive and time-consuming.

While the above treatments are still the best for specific problems, there’s now a better solution for general anti-ageing.

A Breakthrough in Anti-Ageing with Rejuran

Breakthrough in Anti-Aging with Rejuran

Healing DNA-building blocks (polynucleotides) were first introduced as a topical cream to improve skin elasticity and hydration. As a cream though, the penetration was poor (only less than 1% for some creams!).

In 2017, Rejuran, a Korean technology, changed the anti-ageing landscape in Singapore. Rejuran relies on infusing healing DNA-building blocks (polynucleotides) directly into the skin, thus unleashing its healing potential.

Rejuran does 2 very powerful things – HEAL + ANTI-AGE

Here’s what Polynucleotides have been proven to do for healing:

  1. Topical application sped up the healing of ulcers by two times! (1)
  2. Reduction of pain and inflammation in Osteoarthritis. (2,3)
  3. Bring back blood flow in dead tissue. (4)
  4. Faster wound healing and decreased scar formation (which is why Rejuran is a big part of my scar treatments) (5)
  5. Increase hair counts and thickness in pattern hair loss. (6)

Here’s what Rejuran has been proven to do for anti-ageing (7, 8):

  1. Improved hydration (hydration from the inside is most effective!)
  2. Reduced wrinkles and sagging
  3. Improved pigmentation
  4. Improved texture and skin tone (including dark eye circles)
  5. Skin repair and normalisation (thickening of the skin and improved skin function)

The above is EXACTLY what we need for tackling common anti-ageing issues.

Improvements to Skin Thickness, Pore, Skin Tone, Sagging, Wrinkle, Melanin
Rejuran treatments

I have done many Rejuran treatments for redness, dark eye circles, melasma, wrinkles, dryness and even scars (treated in combination with lasers)!

Rejuran Is NOT Easy To Use!

Rejuran is injected via a microneedle. The whole process takes about 10-20 mins and should ideally be done by hand. Make sure your doctor is using the MANUAL method of Rejuran injection!

This technique of injecting Rejuran is recommended by the experts who invented it because it leaves NO BRUISES and provides maximum absorption.

rejuran manual method
Manual method

In contrast, the injector gun technique causes a high possibility of bruising and/or sub-optimal penetration of Rejuran into the skin. I explained why in this article about skin boosters.

Tip: If your Rejuran treatment was effective, you would notice multiple, even bumps on the face with ZERO bruises. Bruising is a sign of improper treatment! Bumps fade within 1-2 days.

Proper treatment outcome
Proper treatment outcome

I too used to believe the injector gun was more consistent, but subsequently realised that there were poor absorption and lack of results.

Manual Method allows better angles and control
Manual Method allows better angles and control

Plunging microneedles perpendicularly (gun method) into the skin was imprecise. However, slanting these microneedles at an angle (manual method) reduces wastage and minimizes bruising. It is more difficult and more time to consume to do, but results are much more satisfying so I only use the manual method now.

How often can Rejuran be applied?

You should SEE and FEEL differences from a single session within 1-2 weeks. This is why I LOVE Rejuran treatments; they give results from a single session. Skinbooster treatments, in contrast, takes about 2 treatments to give results!

My suggested initial programme is once a month for the first 3 months. As ageing is an inevitable phenomenon, I usually recommend my patients to have Rejuran only twice a year for maintenance thereafter.

Rejuran with Lasers and HIFU

Rejuran, lasers and HIFU are actually synergistic. While Rejuran may tout the same capabilities as lasers and HIFU for anti-ageing, they work differently.

Rejuran can be used to solve the overall ageing before we use lasers, HIFU, fillers to treat the remaining, targeted conditions.

In addition, energy-based devices work by causing damage that requires body healing responses to show improvement. Rejuran speeds that up and is often used in combination in a single session. When either treatment has reached its therapeutic ceiling, the other can usually come in like a missing jigsaw piece to further improve the outcome.

This is the third post in Dr Chua’s anti-ageing article series. As the regional trainer of anti-ageing medical aesthetic treatments like the Rejuran, Ultraformer 3 and Artlift PDO threadlifts, Dr Chua personally assesses and offers individualised treatment plans. All procedures are performed personally.


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