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2018 Yangon Anti-Aging Seminar


Apologies dear friends and patients, I was just out of town for 4 days for a threadlift training session in Yangon, Myanmar. It’s not my first training session but definitely my FIRST ONE OVERSEAS. Glad you all missed me enough to text me personally though 😉

It was really exciting to meet so many kindred spirits looking to mastering the craft together. It was humbling to learn what they shared in response to what I had to show them.

The 2-day programme was centred around three topics:

  1. Threadlifts for the face (nose, cheeks, upper neck)
  2. Ultraformer skin tightening
  3. Skinbooster technique and Rejuran

Many fellow doctors have asked me why I chose to discuss these procedures. The answer is simple really; because these have given me reproducible and visible results over a long time.

Those who know me well, know that I’m kinda a geek who loves sharing discussions through my blog articles. But my second secret passion is to keep refining my techniques and thinking of ways to continually improve them.

Sharing my personal techniques with fellow doctors:

Frankly, I really enjoy sharing my personal experience, techniques and knowledge with other doctors. I’m not afraid of other doctors “stealing” my techniques because I have the good fortune of meeting many kinds and experienced “masters” who taught me plenty as well!

Dr CY Chua Facelift Training Session in Yangon
Threadlift Training Session in Yangon, Myanmar
Dr Chua Cheng Yu trains foreign doctors on nose threads

Yangon has a young but rapidly growing aesthetic scene. Some of the doctors who attended my threadlift training session had tremendous experience in the field, having spent long periods of time in the field at Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur, both regional market leaders in the field.

Dr CY Chua with Myanmar doctors
Myanmar has pretty doctors…
Dr CY Chua with Myanmar doctors
and dashing ones too!

This wasn’t a paid trip but I would say the rewards I’ve reaped far outweigh any monetary gains. Although I was invited to be a trainer for fellow Yangon doctors, I definitely learnt just as much as I have imparted. Very grateful to the friends I’ve made in Yangon!

Dr CY Chua, Elogio Asia and DrZ Clinic

Many thanks to Elogio Asia and DrZ Clinic for the opportunity and hospitality during the trip there. These are some things we did when we were not busy working. Till next time, Yangon!

PS: Special thanks to my nose thread, ultraformer and threadlift subjects! Wish I could show both before/after photos of you to show off a little but Ministry of Health here in Singapore doesn’t allow it 🙂