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2018 Yangon Anti-Aging Seminar

Dr CY Chua Training in Yangon

Threadlift Training Session in Yangon, Myanmar “DOCTOR CHUA WHERE ARE YOU?” Apologies dear friends and patients, I was just out of town for 4 days for a training session in Yangon, Myanmar. It’s not my first training session but definitely my FIRST ONE OVERSEAS. Glad you all missed me enough to text me personally though…


Is Taiwan’s famous 水光针 really medically proven?

skinbooster taiwan

Skinboosters are made of hyaluronic acid, and each HA molecule can absorb up to 1000x its weight in water. They are the same substances used to fill wrinkles and stimulate collagen. In my clinic practice, I do see quite a number of patients asking for 水光针 (Skinboosters) on a weekly basis. They’ve seen it…

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