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Is Taiwan’s famous 水光针 really medically proven?

Skinboosters are made of hyaluronic acid (HA), and each HA molecule can absorb up to 1000x its weight in water. They are the same substances used to fill wrinkles and stimulate collagen.

In my clinic practice, I do see quite a number of patients asking for 水光针 (Skinboosters) on a weekly basis. They’ve seen it all over the place. All their friends are asking about it. And the purported claims sound so AMAZING:

  • Brighten skin texture and provide the dewy glow
  • Increase skin elasticity, minimise wrinkles, pores and sagging
  • Provide hydration beyond skin-deep: intense and long lasting

That’s a LOT of benefits for ONE product, don’t you think? But is it real? The short answer: Yes. But…. there’s a big BUT behind. Skinboosters only work if the right product is used at the correct plane with the correct technique.

So which is the right product?

Two of the most popular skinboosters in Singapore are Restylane and Teosyal. I’d briefly describe both before discussing which one suits you more.

1. Restylane Vital

Restylane Vital/Vital light skinboosters (RV)

Restylane Vital/Vital light skinboosters (RV) are a well-known product having been in the market for many years. They are like a first generation product, and its correct application has benefited many. RV comprises of simply hyaluronic acid, the substance that disappears from our skin as we age. Replacing the lost hyaluronic acid from the skin also replenishes the moisture, elasticity and glow that youthful skin has.

2. Teosyal Redensity 1

Teosyal Redensity 1 skinboosters (RD1)

Teosyal Redensity 1 skinboosters (RD1) are like the new kid on the block- more recently researched from Switzerland. RD1 is more than just hyaluronic acid, it has an additional 14-compound cocktail of vitamins and minerals with clinical research (1) proving it to be beneficial for skin health, causing improved collagen stimulation, hydration and even anti-oxidant protection.

What is the Best Skinbooster in Singapore?

This depends on what your concerns and expectations are! What are you looking for?

  • dewy glow?
  • collagen stimulation?
  • hydrated skin?
  • all three?

Every patient is different and has different needs and expectations. The proper skinbooster treatment should be customised to each patient’s needs by an experienced physician.

Restylane should only be injected into the deep layers of the skin under the dermis, hence is mainly good for HYDRATION. When used for more surface layers of the skin, it can produce bumps that lasts for months, hence the downside is that it does not produce that dewy glow appearance, nor stretch the dermis to stimulate collagen.

Teosyal RD1 can be injected both deep and on the surface. When injected on the surface, it helps with the dewy glow and collagen stimulation. When injected deeply, it provides moisture to the skin. The downside is the lack of cross-linking, which make the hydration effects more short lived.

beautyful asian woman with glowy skin
Dewy glow face to neck and the Decolletage
Pros●      Hydrates skin
●      Lasts longer
●      Can be used near skin surface
●      Dewy glow
●      Stimulates collagen
●      Hydrates skin
Cons●      Produces bumps if injected too near surface
●      No dewy glow
●      No collagen stimulation
●      Hydration effects are very short-lived

So what can a patient do if they want the glow, collagen stimulation as well as hydration effects? Simple. Do a combination of both products! Yes, that’s what I meant by not having the correct product, but using a combination of both to reap maximal effects!

What is the best way to apply the Skinbooster?

My personal technique uses both the freehand method and the injector gun for skinbooster cases, but my favourite is still the freehand technique. I learnt this technique from 2 international experts and modified it a bit myself. In fact, an international panel of experts recommend with complete consensus (1), that the freehand serial injection technique is the gold standard with other techniques less recommendable.

I explained this at the recent AAAM conference in Singapore 2017 to a local and international audience of doctors, how the freehand technique was more precise, with less skinbooster wastage and fewer side effects like bruising and nodules, compared with the injector gun.

dr chua at AAAM conference in Singapore 2017
dr chua practicing at AAAM conference in Singapore 2017

I have not suffered any bruising with my skinbooster cases with the freehand technique (touch wood), even in the delicate areas of the face, such as under the eyes. This is because the injector gun has to damage big blood vessels while placing the product under the skin, but the blunt needle I use goes under the skin and avoids all the big blood vessels.

Using the Teosyal Pen can also help with some cases as it assists the freehand technique to make it even more precise. Check with your doctor beforehand on their preferred method.

dr chua using Teosyal Pen
dr chua patient - skinboosters

Patients came with the above conditions. Treatment has minimal downtime – no bruising, only glowing after effects. PM me for more photos

Learn more about my 2018 Yangon Anti-Aging Seminar in Yangon, Myanmar and how I did it:

What can I expect after a Skinbooster (水光针)? How long will it last?

Skinboosters are usually recommended to be done in groups of 3 sessions. This is why:

Skinboosters Results and Longevity diagram

In this graph taken from the Teosyal Redensity clinical trial (2), the results of each session was noted to be not just measurable, but also cumulative with each session. Results after the 3rd session tend to last 6 months, before the next session is recommended to maintain the results.

How should I choose a clinic for Skinboosters (水光针)?

As explained, different products do different things for the skin. It is best to find a doctor with a wide exposure to, and experience with various products. The other important factor to consider is whether the doctor performs the procedure manually (more time consuming) as recommended it lowers chances of complications and side effects.

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